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Located in Karystos, Evia, Politia Villas is a purveyor of fine Greek living.



Politia Villas opened in July 2006 and is located underneath the Castello Rosso castle of Karystos. Since then, Politia Villas has been serving both warm designed villas and daring new ventures into the vacation venues and events.

Politia Villas is designed to reflect the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Karystos' storied past. The multi-level spaces offer the choice to view both the mountain and the sea. The garden is cosy and hosts relaxed moments.


Either you are on a vacation or in a city-break Politia Villas is designed to make you happy.




Be a bride in Karystos

At Politia VIllas, we believe a true wedding party shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we choose Karysto's beautiful Pigadakia village for your wedding ceremony. A small quiet church next to Politia Villas, holds an ideal yard to host your guests. Walk towards our garden on foot, to share a drink before the party begins. 

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christening parties

Have your sweetheart's christening in Karystos

At Ag. Anargyri church, just 30 meters away from Politia VIllas, your authentic christening ceremony is about to take place.

Full of sun light, pure scenery, joyfull faces, form a unique fest for the little baby.

Take a sip of pure mastic liquor at the church yard with your guests and taste a total white almond cake, before walking down to Politia villas to have your gourmet christening party.

Outdoor Parties

Luxury & simplicity

At Politia VIllas, we believe a collaboration between you and us could make your party a real outdoor experience. Ask for a date and get the chance to make it true.

Politia Villas

Politia Villas

Outdoor birthday party experience

Politia Villas

Politia Villas

Outdoor party ballons

Politia Villas

Politia Villas

Outdoor birthday party guests

Politia Villas

Politia Villas

You just bring your birthday cake

Politia Villas

Politia Villas

Your sweethearts at Politia Villas playground

Politia Villas outdoor parties

Politia Villas outdoor parties

Spacious and safe grass playground




Relaxed music concerts underneath the castle

At Politia villas, a stage and sound is what it takes to share your music with the world.

Music events are carried out through summertime. From blues to swing, Greek & ethnic sounds, everything about the sound finds the perfect space at Politia VIllas surroundings

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